Ecommerce Warehouse development

Inventory is a core function of the company

The unique nature of an online store also affects its inventory operations. Large order volumes with low line-item quantities result in additional work and increased costs.

Business growth, campaigns, and seasons cause rapid fluctuations in warehouse capacity needs. Delays and errors in the warehouse can potentially lead to lost customers.

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Talk'nPick mobile picking

Our strong experience in online stores and our efficient solutions help online retailers succeed while reducing inventory costs.

With Talk’nPick solution, all warehouse tasks are performed in the most efficient and accurate manner in the market. The solution caters to the needs of online stores with efficient voice picking and advanced work optimization functionalities. The multimodal solution rapidly scales warehouse capacity without hassle.

Sometimes Talk’nPick alone may not be sufficient, and a comprehensive warehouse management overhaul is needed. In such cases, Talk’nPick WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the solution that handles all warehouse operations, from product inventory management to order processing and transportation.

Work optimization, management, and real-time tracking can be achieved with the convenient Tools add-on. It can be integrated with both Talk’nPick and Talk’nPick WMS solutions.

Explore our solutions through the links below. If you haven’t found a suitable option, try the solution selector or contact us directly.


Our solution for developing the inventory of an online store


A multimodal, easy-to-use and scalable voice picking solution for online stores.

Talk'nPick mobile picking

Talk'nPick Tools

An add-on that supports inventory management solutions for optimization, monitoring and management of warehouse work.


Accuracy, scalability, and workflow optimization - Talk'nPick voice picking brings unprecedented benefits to the warehouse.

TALK'NPICK - system independent solution

Ready-made Talk'nPick e-commerce integrations

Talk’nPick seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce platforms through ready-made integrations. Additionally, Talk’nPick can be connected to any software through its advanced API (Application Programming Interface). Please refer to the API documentation for more details.

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“Cost-effective accuracy for online order deliveries”.

Transforming an online store's warehouse into a fully digitalized environment

Kentonec Oy

Kentonec Oy, better known through its online store, needed support to meet the growing order picking demands generated by its increasing sales revenue.

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Your partner for digitizing ecommerce warehouse

Devoca is familiar with the special features of ecommerce warehouse management. We offer efficient solutions for your warehouse operations. With us, you will get the right solution, regardless of the size or type of your stock. Our solutions will also grow with you.

At its best, we have increased warehouse operations’ efficiency by 40% and improved accuracy by 80%. Take the competitiveness of your  ecommrce warehouse to a new level – start now by contacting us using the button below.

We have significant experience in developing different types of warehousing tasks and challenges.

At the customer’s first contact, we map out the warehouse operation’s current situation and provide our development proposal. The included proposal is related to the process, software, and hardware at the same time.

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