Talk'nPick Tools -
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Know what’s going on in the warehouse
manage it effectively

Talk’nPick Tools is a powerful browser-based add-on management tool for all warehouses using Talk’nPick solution. It effectively supports Talk’nPick solution complementing the shortcomings from a warehouse management and task execution perspective.

Tools is used to manage, optimize, and monitor warehouse tasks. It tells you what is going on in the warehouse and what everyone is doing. It can be used to analyse and predict the future, as well as to monitor the performance of the warehouse with various indicators.

Tools is also a tool for maintaining the Talk’nPick solution. 

Tools - main features

Real-time 360 view from warehouse

  • Real-time warehouse dashboard
  • Status of completed and new work
  • Employees and tasks
  • Progress of todays work


  • Users
  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Shipping Methods
  • etc.

Task management

  • Prioritization
  • Processing tasks
  • Picker control
  • Analysis

Task optimization

  • Cluster picking
  • Batch picking
  • Optimizing picking routes


  • Tasks
  • Products
  • Employees
  • ABC analysis
  • Balance errors
  • Deviations


Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about the Talk’nPick Tools solution here. If you do not find the answer to your question in this list, we will be happy to answer it in person.

Tools provides a real-time view of the progress of warehouse tasks.

With Tools you can for example optimize picking routes, form cluster and batch picking tasks, get data for ABC analysis, track errors and deviations, and instruct and prioritize tasks.

Tasks are updated in real time from the employees’ mobile devices to Tools.

Tools manages 100 warehouses per customer.

Yes. Almost all the functions provided by Tools can be downloaded as a csv file.

Tools provides a real-time view of the warehouse situation.

From Tools, you can see task status: new, started, paused, or completed. In addition, an individual task can be analysed down to the event level – accurate task-specific events.

In addition, Tools provides a view of employee-specific activities.

The hardware requirement is a desktop computer/laptop with an up-to-date browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Usernames and passwords are provided with the delivery of the Talk’nPick & Tools solution. Username and password are personal.

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“Warehouse operations speed has increased by 40% and accuracy improved by 70%”

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Easy to use, increases usability and efficiency

The Talk’nPick Tools browser supports warehouse management features. Tools provides an up-to-date view of warehouse events, manages users, optimizes tasks, and runs reports from there for a variety of purposes.

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Reducing errors and increasing efficiency are familiar warehouse management challenges that we have solved in many warehouses. At its best, the efficiency in the warehouse has increased by 40% and the accuracy has improved by 80%. The overall benefits consist of several factors – for example, work efficiency, task optimization, capacity flexibility, and streamlining of processes.

Our solutions enable e.g. dynamic bin locations, and automatic transportation management. Best of all, the payback period for purchasing a solution is often less than a year.
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