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Distribution Centre - Master of material flow

Distribution Centres, central warehouses, and logistics centres – different types of Distribution Centres are combined to fulfil the same basic task – to get the right product for the customer at the right time.

It may sound easy, but in practice, it rarely exists.

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Distribution Centre challenges

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A warehouse can be a workplace for one or hundreds of employees, but the challenges are usually the same: how do you streamline and refine warehouse operations? At the same time, the comfort and flexibility of employees should be ensured in accordance with peak seasons. For some warehouses, the challenge is to move from paper-based operations to digital. 

A common point is the need to develop the optimization, transparency, and measurability of the warehouse’s future success.


Simple solution is often the best

Devoca’s offering to Distribution Centres is to the develop floor-level work tasks to be more effective. Approximately 40-60% of inventory’s total cost is generated by labour costs, so the warehouse operations’ development brings real benefits quickly and without heavy investments.

The fastest and most cost-effective way to develop Distribution Centre management is to acquire a comprehensive multimodal picking solution alongside existing WMS. Talk’nPick is the most efficient and accurate solution for Distribution Centre operations on the market. And best of all, the solution often makes heavy system reforms unnecessary.

Talk’nPick Tools is for optimization, control, and real-time tracking of warehouse operations. It is also an efficient tool for managing and reviewing the warehouse operations and planning the upcoming workload.

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Devoca solutions


easy-to-use and
scalable voice picking solution

Talk'nPick mobile picking

Talk'nPick Tools

Tools for warehouse management operations:
optimizing, monitoring,
and managing.

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“Warehouse operations’ speed has increased by 40% and accuracy has improved by 70%”

This is how Devoca's solution enhanced Medifon's Distribution Centre operations:

Medifon Oy increased the efficiency of its warehouse operations by 40% with Talk’nPick solution.


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Your partner for digitizing 3PL warehouse

At best, we have increased the efficiency of warehouse operations by 40% and improved accuracy by 80%.
These benefits arise from several factors, including greater efficiency of work, straightening processes, optimization, and manoeuvrability. The benefits gained are also influenced by the basics of warehouses, such as products, warehouse layout, picking techniques, and so on.

Depending on the factors above, the benefits include increasing Distribution Centre operations’ efficiency by 10-40% and improving accuracy by 30-80%.

We have significant experience in developing different types of warehouse operations and facing their challenges.

We will quickly map the warehouse’s current situation and submit our development proposal which includes a process, software, and hardware proposal at the same time.

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