Up to 40% more efficiency and
80% better accuracy

Talk’nPick is a cost-effective and fast way to take warehouse operations performance to a new level without heavy system upgrades and big business risks.

Talk’nPick is an agile and multimodal warehouse management solution for use with voice, scanners, or a keyboard. Lightweight and wearable, it goes along conveniently with the user.

With the help of modern technology, warehouse tasks are handled according to the end-user’s choice. Speech recognition, different kind of barcode readers, and standard mobile devices work seamlessly together. The flexible solution is both device- and network independent.

Talk, scan or type - you decide

Talk’nPick’s speech recognition and wearable technology frees hands and eyes for the work itself. With the solution, all warehousing work can be performed, from picking and receiving to internal transfers.

The information required for the tasks can be entered according to the user’s choice, either by speech, by barcode, or by typing on a device screen. Work instructions are visible on the device screen and heard as speech from headphones.

Multimodality is the fastest and most accurate way to work in warehouses. Its ease of use reduces training time to a fraction of what it used to be.

The devices to be used with the application can be freely selected depending on the individual needs of each  warehouse. Even low-cost basic smart phones are suitable for use. 

Satisfaction with the usability and ease of the solution is top notch – 100% of our users recommend the solution!

The solution also extends to task optimization, management, and real-time tracking with Talk’nPick Tools. With the versatile Tools, you know what’s going on in your warehouse now and in the future, giving you a whole new dimension to warehouse management.

Watch the video to see how Talk’nPick makes warehousing more efficient and streamlined.


Talk'nPick -
the most diverse warehouse execution solution on the market


  • Powerfull seach functions
  • Manage deviations
  • Balance check
  • Product labels


  • Multiple bin locations
  • Bin location labels
  • Balance check


  • Merged tasks
  • Batched tasks
  • Package management
  • Delivery method management
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple warehouse sections
  • Balance check
  • Fill request
  • Deviation management
  • Unit verification


  • Yearly inventory
  • Continuous inventory
  • Rotating and zero location inventory

Internal transfers

  • Powerful search functions
  • Manage deviations
  • Warehouse location verification

Versatile data confirmation

  • Storage location
  • Product Code
  • Batch number
  • Serial number
  • Number of copies
  • Multi-collection box

Multimodal use

  • Speech
  • Barcode / QR- Code
  • RFID
  • Typing

Task optimization

  • Optimize your route
  • Aggregate picking
  • Area picking


  • Product Labels
  • Bin locations
  • Other labels

Device independent

  • Smartphones
  • PDA devices
  • Tablets
  • AR devices
  • Finger scanners
  • Pocket scanners
  • Glove scanners
  • Bluetooth headset

Network independent

  • Either Wifi
  • or GSM
  • or Wifi + GSM

Versatile integrations

  • Voice picking interface
  • Build-in integration
  • Standardized REST interface
  • Custom integration


Integration with customer systems

Talk’nPick integrates seamlessly with most ERP and WMS solutions. Our solid experience in various technologies (REST, Webservice, FTP) and our standardized integration platform make our integrations reliable. You have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate option.

There are several options for integration 

  • Built-in integrations
  • Talk’nPick’s standard REST interface.
  • Voice picking interface
  • Customer-specific integrations

Contact us and we will quickly review the various options and provide a cost estimate if necessary.

Built-in integrations
Odoo erp
Pupesoft erp
Dynamix erp
Gemini erp
Varasto365 wms
MAXX Pharmacy erp
Autofutur erp


Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about the Talk’nPick solution here. If you do not find the answer in this list, we will be happy to answer it in person.

The benefits come from many components:
1. Digitalisation
2. Speech picking
3. Freeing hands and eyes for the work itself
4. Streamlining warehousing processes
5. Optimizing warehouses tasks
6. Increasing transparency
7. Improved predictability
8. Monitoring and reporting warehouse tasks

9. ABC analysis

10. inventory errors and deviation raporting

Depending on the warehouse and its starting points, the increase in warehouse operations efficiency is typically 10-40% and the reduction in errors is 30-80%.

The figure below shows the difference between a paper and a multimodal picking workflow:

The delivery includes an employee-specific Android application and the customer-specific hardware.
● Smart device – standard smartphone, tablet or PDA
● Barcode/QR code reader. Wearable or portable model
● Wireless headset
● Armband for wearing the smart device on the arm
● Device shelf with chargers

The delivery normally includes Talk’nPick Tools, a browser-based software for real-time warehouse operations tracking, management, and optimization.

The solution is hardware-independent, so a wide range of smart devices can be used.
Smart devices can be standard smartphones, tablets or PDAs. Android version 7-10 is required.
Contact us and we will check the suitability of your smart device.

The solution works on either a Wifi or GSM network.

A Wifi network is not necessary – the solution can be used with SIM cards installed in smart devices.

It is suitable for all kinds of piece goods warehouses starting from 3 warehouse operators where work is done on foot, by forklift or by similar machines.

Goods can be located within indoor or outdoor warehouses and vertical storage lifts. The solution is suitable for frozen, temperature-controlled and normal warehouses.

The solution performs all warehouse tasks:

  • Picking
  • Reception
  • Shelving
  • Internal transfer
  • Inventory

The solution does not replace the current system since Talk’nPick is connected to work in parallel with the current one. Because of this, Talk’nPick’s business risk is low. This also allows for dividing deployment into smaller sections.

Multimodality means that the user has several ways to enter data and to receive instructions:
1. User can choose entering data either by voice, by reading barcode code, or by typing. 
2. The work instructions are communicated to the user by speech and can also be read on the display.
3. The touch screen of the smart device also serves as a visual platform from which to view product images, special information, and other information

The solution is integrated into the customer’s ERP/WMS system. Integration methods include e.g. REST, Webservice and FTP.

The easiest way to integrate is to use customer’s ERP/WMS systems build-in voice picking interface or Devoca’s own standardized REST interface.

Typically, task information is transferred between the client and the Talk’nPick system. For example, all picking tasks are sent from the customer system to Talk’nPick, where it can be optimized, managed, and executed. After the task is completed, the data is returned to the customer system.

Studies show that multimodal picking is more efficient and accurate than using only voice picking by 15%.

In addition, multimodal system is better suitable for all kinds of tasks – picking, receiving, inventory, internal transfer etc.

Starting to work is fast, only about 15 minutes. There is no need to train the system as in traditional voice picking systems.

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Our other solutions

Talk'nPick Tools

Tool for warehouse task execution - optimizing, monitoring and managing warehouse tasks. Add-on software for Talk'nPick.

customer case

medifon logo

“Warehouse operations speed has increased by 40% and accuracy improved by 70%”

Logistics Manager Jyrki Ristinen

Oy Medifon Ab

This is how Devoca's solution enhanced Medifon's Distribution Centre operations

Medifon Oy increased the efficiency of its warehouse operations by 40% with Talk’nPick solution.

Your partner for digitizing 3PL warehouse

Reducing errors and increasing efficiency are familiar warehouse management challenges that we have solved in many warehouses. At its best, the speed of operations and work steps in the warehouse has increased by 40% and the accuracy has improved by 80%. The overall benefits consist of several factors – for example, work efficiency, task optimization, capacity flexibility, and streamlining of processes.

Our solutions enable for example automatic inventory, dynamic locations and automatic transportation management. Best of all, the payback period for purchasing a solution is often less than a year.

Start developing warehouse operations now – press the button and feel free to contact us!

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