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Warehouse operations efficiency with ease

Our solution enables savings of up to 40% on inventory costs

The new era of warehouse operations

Up to 40 % more efficient and 80 % accurate warehouse management

Talk’nPick is an agile and unique warehouse management solution that can be used through voice commands, scanners, or a keyboard. With Talk’nPick, all warehouse tasks can be performed using a smartphone or any other mobile device. It is lightweight and wearable, allowing convenient portability for the user.

Task management is facilitated through modern technology, based on the user’s preference: speech recognition, keyboard input, or wearable scanners – the choice is up to the user.

See how easily warehouse tasks are performed by Tommi ‘Pentti’ Korpela on his very first day of work.


Our solution for warehouse improvement


Multimodal, user-friendly, and scalable voice picking solution for online stores.

Talk'nPick mobile picking

Talk'nPick Tools

An add-on supporting warehouse management solution for optimizing, tracking, and managing warehouse operations.


types of warehouses

Warehouse management solutions for different types of warehouses.

With Devoca’s cost-effective solutions, warehouse digitization is finally accessible to everyone.

Unique user-friendliness and excellent ergonomic design ensure quick benefits and the shortest payback period in the market.

Choose the one that suits your warehouse from the nearby options and get acquainted with your new assistants.

Developing a central warehouse

Developing an e-commerce warehouse

Developing a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) warehouse

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devoca ikoni

Our cost-effective solutions lower the barrier to digitization in all warehouses. We free up hands and eyes from receiving and inputting data, enabling work that is up to 40% faster and 80% more accurate.

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