Warehouse operations efficiency with ease

Easy-to-use voice picking solutions for work execution and management 

Devoca strengthens sales

Joel Tanninen and Winston Roberts, both tough sales professionals, joined us.

The new era of warehouse operations - up to 40% more efficiency and 80% better picking accuracy

We increase the efficiency of all warehouse operations and improve job satisfaction with easy-to-use, wearable, and multimodal technology. And all this without heavy system reforms. 

Our winning usability is enabled with speech recognition, mobile device keyboard and wearable scanner – the choice remains with the user.

Warehouse types

Devoca's solution - a good match for different types of

With Devoca’s cost-effective solutions, warehouse digitization is finally available to everyone.

It’s unique ease of use and top-end ergonomics for work, guarantee fast benefits and shortest payback time for your investment.

Choose yours from the adjacent warehouses and check out the new digital operator in your own warehouse.



Ecommerce warehouse


Devoca's solutions


Multimodal, easy-to-use
and scalable
voice picking solution

Talk'nPick Tools

Add-on solution for warehouse
operations management:
monitoring, steering and optimizing

Our cost-effective solutions lower the digitalization threshold in all warehouses. Our solution frees hands and eyes for the work itself. 

With hands-free and eyes-free solution, work is up to 40% faster and 80% more accurate.

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