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Flexibility and efficiency are the most crucial factors in 3PL Warehouses

3PL Warehouses are often the most diverse warehouses, including multi-customer products and services. Cost-effectiveness, flexibility and correctness are the lifebloods of operations. Being picking-intensive warehouses, material flows are often high and requirements coming from outsourcers, are strict. 

3PL warehouse management must be able to respond effectively to changes in customer capacity needs. Therefore, the solutions used must perform efficiently and be quickly scalable.

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Outsourced warehouse operations are in a constant state of change regarding its customer base, variations in capacity and continuous concern about the warehouse workers’ availability.

Warehouse management solutions must therefore be as versatile as possible to carry out both work execution and management tasks. Solutions must respond agilely to the customers’ different starting points such as managing barcodes, serial and batch numbers, printing, and so on. The cost-effectiveness development is also included in the requirement list.

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Devoca Talk’nPick performs all of its warehouse operational tasks in a 3PL warehouse in the most efficient and accurate way. 

Devoca’s cost-effective multimodal solution scales the warehouse capacity quickly and easily. At its best, the solution has brought 40% extra efficiency to the warehouse’s floor-level actions and has improved warehouse task accuracy by 80%.

Optimization, management, and real-time work monitoring can certainly be done with Talk’nPick Tools. An easy-to-use application takes tracking warehouse actions to a whole new level.

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Devoca solutions


easy-to-use and
scalable voice picking solution.

Talk'nPick mobile picking

Talk'nPick Tools

Tools for warehouse management operations:
optimizing, monitoring and


customer case

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Multi-customer picking is used to collect several customer’s goods from warehouse bins at the same time

LTP Logistics Oy - voice picking lends additional efficiency to warehouse tasks

The work is done by using speech, a QR- scanner on the finger, and a PDA device. The solution is easily integrated into the customer’s WMS solution through Talk’nPick’s built-in interface.

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