Talk'nPick - the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient solution for warehouse management

Up to 40% effiency and 80% accuracy

Talk'nPick is a versatile picking solution that works with scanners, keypads, and when wanted, with voice. You can quickly connect it with popular online stores and ERP solutions. Affordable pricing starts from 49 EUR/user/month! Try the demo for free and notice the ease by yourself.

The new era of warehouse management is here

Talk’nPick on a standard smartphone is ideal for small and midsized warehouse management. It grows with your business and supports any new development in your technology stack.

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Multimodal control

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Internal transfers

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Wearable hardware that grows on you

As wearable and lightweight, the solution truly travels with the user. It handles all warehouse tasks by user’s choice. Speech recognition, different readers, and standard mobile devices work seamlessly together. Talk’nPick is device-independent (Android), operating on your own local and/or mobile network.

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Increases accuracy by up to 80%

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Increase efficiency by up to 40%

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Free your hands to the essentials

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Low threshold to leading digital technology

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Real-time warehouse management

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Employees love it 💗

talk'npick - a multimodal picking solution

Talk’nPick in practice -watch the video 📽️

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Customer cases


CASE: Collico

Our customers: more speed and great savings

"Talk'nPick, compared to working with paper, is easier and much faster. The frustrating data entry at the terminal after the round is also gone. Now that my hands are completely free during the picking round, I can focus on the right things."
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Kalevi Palmu
"With Talk'nPick, we handle work from receipt and shelving to picking and printing package labels. The solution is cost-effective while fully supporting our goals. We are pleased with the great results we have already achieved, even though progress is still in its infancy."
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Jarmo Aho
collico oy

Forget exhausting systems projects and risks

Talk’nPick is a modern cloud-based service that is fast and cost-effective to deploy. You can forget about long and employable projects as well as massive investments. With standard off-the-shelf hardware the solution is affordable to everyone. Starting from small warehouses with 1-3 pickers all the way to large multi warehouse operations.


Scan, talk, key - you decide

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