Warehouse costs down with Talk'nPick

Warehouse costs down by slashing the biggest cost with efficient and error free picking process.

With Talk'nPick hybrid picking system you need up to 40% less personnel resources.

Warehouse costs cutting is easiest with Talk’nPick -low cost and easy to implement hybrid picking system. It speeds up manual warehouse work by using wearable tools and voice control. Together with digital workflow control and pick by voice technology, all time consuming, non productive work phases are eliminated. Assigning tasks to employees is automated and there are many tools for optimization, prioritization and combining tasks for multi order picking.   

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Cost Effective Order Fulfillment Process

Warehouse Costs Down With Easy Pick by Voice System

Working hands and eyes free is faster, more convenient and more comfortable. The task information is acknowledged by speech – without stopping the movement – no time is wasted in bringing up terminals or papers back and forth, nor in browsing and typing. In the best cases, where the use of paper lists has been switched over and multi-order picking has also been utilized, the efficiency of the picking process has succeeded in increasing the picking lines by over 100% per working hour, making the overall warehouse costs drop drastically.

Integrate Easily With Your Existing ERP / WMS

Talk’nPick can also handle receiving, shelving, internal transfers and inventory. The information remains correct and real-time at all times with the help of a modern and data-secure REST API interface, through which the system integrates with all well-known ERP/WMS systems. Talk’nPick can also work alongside automation or in direct line-specific control of WMS.

Warehouse Costs Down - Units per Hour Up

Making the warehouse more efficient without huge investments in automation is possible with the help of Talk’nPick. Our customers have routinely achieved picking efficiencies of over 250 products per hour. This pace challenges even automation, and the payback period is short, without business risks.

Picking Speed
Units per Hour

Warehouse Cost Savings Consist of Several Factors

Fast ROI

Talk’nPick is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement system for managing warehouse work. Since the implementation and equipment are inexpensive, the payback period is typically less than six months.

Fast Onboarding

Employees learn how to use Talk’nPick in less than half an hour. Already after a couple of hours of orientation, the employee can work independently. The application is intuitive and easy to use, and there are more instructions for use.

Affordable and Hardware Independent

Talk’nPick is completely hardware independent. It can be used with existing Android touch computers or even inexpensive smartphones. Warehouse costs reduction can be achieved without expensive hardware investments or development projects.

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Hybrid use

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Internal Transfers

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Faster Way to Work Than RF Devices. And Much Faster Than Paper Lists.

At Least 8 Seconds Faster per Line

When it comes to warehouse efficiency, the number of picking lines is one of the warehouse’s most important metrics. Even advanced WMS systems or work optimization do not make the actual work more efficient.

Hand-held terminals are not optimal for manual work, as they require several additional work phases compared to Talk’nPick. Typically 8-12 seconds can be saved per line compared to RF- devices. That is a significant cost reduction in warehouse operations. 

Works like a charm.

Harri Kujala,

Our picking efficiency went up 40% and there is basically no errors any more.

Jyrki Ristinen,

Speech recognition also works in a hurry and in loud background noise

Pilot customer, food industry