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Devoca Talk’nPick -
The new era of user-friendly efficiency for Warehouse management

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Leon kuva
Leo Hämäläinen, CEO Devoca Oy

Join us to learn how Devoca has helped
warehouses to improve efficiency
up to 40% !

Devoca’s Talk’nPick is the most convenient and cost-effective way to transform into a professional warehouse management solution.

Talk’nPick focuses on operational tasks freeing both hands and eyes for the work by its wearable technology and speech recognition. The solution is used in a multimodal way: voice, barcode or typing – you decide.

The total benefits have been up to 40% more efficiency and 80% fewer errors. Talk’nPick is suitable for warehouses of all sizes and types.

It is hardware-independent, usually operated with standard Android smartphones. The solution includes an intuitive browser-based tool for work execution, optimization and reporting.

In this webinar, we will review how Talk’nPick transforms into a professional WMS system with easy implementation. You will also learn what are the total benefits to the end-users, management and your company.