Mäkelä Alu

Talk’n’Pick involved in the picking solution
for the new paint shop

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Mäkelä Alu Oy is a metal processing company specializing in the production of aluminum profiles. The company has a turnover of more than 80 million euros and almost 300 employees.

Mäkelä Alu is expanding its operations and opening a new and modern paint shop in Voikkaa, which specializes in powder coating of customer profiles. Part of the production process is product receipt, warehouse and customer deliveries.

Mäkelä Alu was looking for a warehouse picking solution suitable for the logistics needs of the paint shop. Development needs require new solutions, which must be integrated into Mäkelä Alu’s existing inventory management system. The challenge is the diversity of products and products that can be customized for customers. The solution must also be flexible for several functions, from receiving, picking and sending products – efficiently and quickly.

Makela Alu Devoca

Speech, scanner and mobile display - an agile combination

Mäkelä Alu’s paint shop ended up with Devoca’s Talk’n’Pick solution, which combines speech recognition, a finger scanner and a touch screen. The terminal is a smart phone worn on the user’s forearm with a convenient armband, which frees the picker’s hands for work. The application is controlled by speech and the barcodes of the products are read with a finger scanner.

The solution can use the paint shop’s own wireless network, but if necessary, it is also possible to use a mobile network. Talk’nPick will be run in during the summer and will reach full speed in the fall when the paint shop’s operations reach their proper scale.

Industry-independent and cost-effective solution

The solution to the needs of the metal industry shows that Talk’nPick solves the challenges of various industries in a variety of ways, both for large and small companies. The superior overall economy of the solution enables completely new efficiencies for all companies. At the heart of the solution is an application tailored to the needs of corporate warehouse management and a smartphone that is used with the most efficient combination of different interfaces. Speech recognition, touch screen and finger scanners are the most common uses. If necessary, it is also possible to use smart glasses or even a wireless printer with a belt.


Kumppaninne varaston digitalisointiin

Edellämainitut asiat ovat Devocalla tuttuja ja olemme monessa varastossa niitä ratkaisseet. Parhaimmillaan varaston nopeus on kasvanut 40% ja tarkkuus parantunut 70% ja kaikkia edellämainittuja asioita olemme pystyneet kohentamaan Devocan ratkaisujen avulla. Niillä mm. optimoimme keräystä, vastaanottoa ja hyllytystä monin tavoin.

Ratkaisumme mahdollistavat jatkuvan inventaarion, dynaamisen varaston, kuljetun automaattisen hallinnan. Ja mikä parasta niin takaisinmaksuaika on usein alle vuosi. Aloita nettikauppavaraston kehittäminen tästä painikkeesta tai ota meihin suoraan yhteyttä ja kerromme lisää.

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