Greetings from LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany!


Our visit to LogiMAT proved to be more than useful. The fair was huge! 10 halls full of stands from material handling and warehouse technologies to loading systems, picking solutions, software, robotics and automation solutions and all the way to transport equipment. There was so much to see that there was no time to explore everything during the day or two.

From Finland’s point of view, the efficiency of manual picking was much discussed in the webinars and discussions. In practice, this means that the benefits of voice picking, it’s smoothness of the work using speech, and the fluency of the solution are clearly noticed. There seems to be a need in the market for a new type of voice picking as a picking solution.

Contact with people in the field is one of the best gifts at the fair. Together, we have just considered options for streamlining manual picking. It was great to introduce Devoca’s Talk’nPick voice picking solution, which is fast, easy, efficient and truly cost effective from European perspective. The low investment of the solution, the independence of the device (even an affordable smartphone is sufficient) and the ease of use are clear benefits.

The gifts from the fair were new contacts, lots of new ideas to outline and, above all, an idea of future trends, and where the wheels of logistics solutions are heading today and tomorrow.

Logimat 2

Kumppaninne varaston digitalisointiin

Edellämainitut asiat ovat Devocalla tuttuja ja olemme monessa varastossa niitä ratkaisseet. Parhaimmillaan varaston nopeus on kasvanut 40% ja tarkkuus parantunut 70% ja kaikkia edellämainittuja asioita olemme pystyneet kohentamaan Devocan ratkaisujen avulla. Niillä mm. optimoimme keräystä, vastaanottoa ja hyllytystä monin tavoin.

Ratkaisumme mahdollistavat jatkuvan inventaarion, dynaamisen varaston, kuljetun automaattisen hallinnan. Ja mikä parasta niin takaisinmaksuaika on usein alle vuosi. Aloita nettikauppavaraston kehittäminen tästä painikkeesta tai ota meihin suoraan yhteyttä ja kerromme lisää.

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