Cutting the Biggest Cost in Warehouse

With Talk’nPick the Warehouse Task Execution is Faster and More Intuitive

The largest single-cost item in internal logistics is labor. Even advanced WMS systems or work optimization do not make the warehouse work very efficient.

Touch computers and barcode scanners leave much room for improvement considering warehouse task efficiency. On the other hand, automation is very capital-intensive, which at the same time limits flexibility.

When more capacity and speed are needed in cost efficient way – the choice is multimodal Pick by Voice system from Devoca – Talk’nPick. 

Solution for Efficient Warehouse Fulfillment

Work Fast With Talk'nPick and Wearable technology

The employee’s interface to the work itself is multimodal. Picking information is obtained and confirmed in the most efficient way, by speech – without stopping the movement. Just three voice commands and the rest is done with barcode scanners and an intuitive mobile app. Easy to learn, fast and comfortable way to work. Also includes automated printing of package labels and shipping lists, making the whole fulfillment process faster.

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Wearable Touch Computer, barcode Scanner and Headset

Increase Efficiency in Distribution Center or 3PL Warehouse

Voice Technology is the Key for Efficient Fulfillment

The speech recognition is based on Devoca’s own technology and is based on a neural network. Multimodality and speech recognition based on phoneme recognition make Talk’nPick faster and more pleasant than traditional pick-by-voice systems. It works better in noise, without any training. You can always check the information from the wearable mobile device.

Integrates to the Existing WMS

With the help of a real-time and secure REST API interface, the system integrates with all well-known WMS systems. Talk’nPick also works alongside automation or in direct control of ERP/WMS.

Better Investment Than Automation

Our customers have achieved picking speeds of over 250 products per hour. With this pace and the low total cost of ownership, Talk’nPick is hard to match with traditional pick-by-voice or automation solutions.  There is no risk – the license fee fluctuates with your business.

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Better Than Traditional Pick by Voice System

Better Efficiency and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

According to extensive studies, a multimodal picking system is 16% more efficient than a traditional pick-by-voice (PbV)system, which are based only on voice alone. The possibility to use scanners and visual touch screens makes especially supporting tasks like replenishment, internal transfers and inventory much faster and more precise. 

Compared to traditional PbV, Talk’nPick’s speech recognition is better in loud background noise or when speech is congested. You need to learn just three voice commands, to make new employee onboarding in just minutes.

Traditional voice-picking systems can cause extra mental strain due to using only speech.  Multimodal Talk’nPick solves this problem because in addition to speech, the user has access to barcodes and visual information: picking list, text, images, intructions, inventory, etc. – making it the most comfortable and intuitive warehouse fulfillment solution.  

Agile Implementation and fast ROI

 Talk’nPick is hardware independent and can even utilize inexpensive smartphones to operate in a demanding environment, the hardware set per user starting from a few hundred euros. Together with agile and reasonably priced implementation project,  ROI is normally less than a year. 

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Internal Transfer

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Works like a charm.

Harri Kujala,
LTP-Logistics, 3PL in food logistics

Picking efficiency went up 40% and there was no more need for error management.

Jyrki Ristinen,
Medifon, Pharmacy Wholesale

User friendly and so much better voice recognition than our previous Pick by Voice -system.

3PL Warehouse in Book Trade

186 picking lines per hour on average with Talk'nPick multi picking. Including manual packing and stickers.

Ecommerce, health products

Comparison With Picking Methods

Picking With Paper

Using paper lists is the original way to fulfill warehouse tasks. With this method, information is allways late and never correct and the number of picking errors is high. It is the slowest way to execute warehouse tasks.  Talk’nPick will improve warehouse tasks up to 40% quicker and 80% fewer errors. Thanks to cost-efficient starting costs, it is possible to implement Talk’nPick -system even for warehouses starting from as low as 10 workers. The return of investment will be less than a year. 

Picking With RF / Touch Computers

The most common technology for warehouse fulfillment execution is RF or Touch Computers. This is still not an efficient way to do the warehouse work.  Using RF reserves workers other hand. It also takes time to scan the barcode and then confirm it by clicking the screen. User has to change eyesight from actual products to the screen and back. 

This is a seemingly modern way to work, with real-time inventory data and fewer errors. However, this is typically about 25% slower technology compared to multimodal pick-by-voice – see the picture above for what makes the difference. 

Low-cost hardware together with agile implementation makes Talk’nPick no-brainer for warehouses looking for faster execution. With license fee based pricing, there is no risk and the ROI is just a few months.