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Cost-effective digitization for the warehouse

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“ja kalusto kulkee”

TAVO Oy is a company importing, wholesaling, and retailing spare parts for heavy equipment. TAVO takes care of warehousing and distribution of SISU original spare parts.

Paper-based picking - back to history

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TAVO’s warehouses contain more than 20,000 stock items, and the product range is very diverse. Spare parts deliveries must meet customer requirements and promises, and deliveries are usually in a hurry.

Warehouse operations are being developed faster and more efficiently, and preparations are being made for customers’ tightening service requirements.

Thus, a modern, efficient and accurate solution for warehouse management was needed to replace paper-based picking.

Tavo solved their picking operations with Talk'nPick

Tavo solved their picking operations with Talk’nPick
TAVO chose Devoca as its solution provider. We will deliver a wearable and easy-to-use Talk’nPick picking solution to eight pickers of TAVO’s spare parts warehouse during the rest of the year.

Devoca Talk’nPick is a multimodal solution that can be used with a scanner, voice or phone-/tablet screen. Talk’nPick is visual and easy to use, including all the basic functions of warehouse management: picking, shelving, and inventory. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing systems.

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Devoca’s Talk’nPick is an industry-independent warehouse management solution for users in diverse and demanding warehouse environments.

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Our other customers

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Medifon Oy is a pharmaceutical company operating in the pharmaceutical industry. Growth in recent years has been strong and preparations were underway for a big leap with the new principal.

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The Talk'nPick solution was chosen to streamline warehouse operations and refine balance data, as well as manage warehouse work.

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Your partner for warehouse digitization

Multimodality and ease of use of functions are important issues for Devoca and we have solved these issues in many warehouses. At its best, warehouse operations speed has increased by 40% and accuracy has improved by 70%, and we have been able to improve all of the above with Devoca’s solutions, e.g. we optimize collection, reception and shelving in many ways.