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Small warehouses development using the Devoca solution

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Staples is a major international provider of total work environment solutions. The product range includes almost all accessories, equipment, and furniture used in offices, kindergartens and schools.

The company’s large logistics center is in Tuusula and its operations are supported by a comprehensive online store. The company has more than a thousand small satellite stores nationwide.

Real-time solution

“Transparency improves the functioning of processes”

A new cost-effective and real-time management solution was needed to manage the refill service operations of small satellite warehouses due to the obsolete equipment base already in use.

A smartphone application to help with
inventory and input tasks

Devoca Oy was chosen as the supplier of the solution, whose new smartphone application offers easy-to-use and extensive features,  for example reading and filling functions.

A solution that enables real-time management of satellite warehouses is integrated into Staples’ ERP system.

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Our other customers

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Collico Oy

Collico Oy is a company specializing in grocery logistics which offers warehousing and picking services for various needs of industry and e-commerce.


Your partner for warehouse digitization

Real-time, ease of use and remote management – these are familiar to Devoca and we have solved these challenges in many warehouses. At its best, inventory speed has increased by 40% and accuracy has improved by 70%, and we have been able to improve all of the above with Devoca’s solutions, for example we optimize ordering, delivery, and shelving operations in many ways.