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LTP Logistics Oy is a company providing temperature-controlled food logistics services. The customer base consists of small- and medium-sized players in the food industry.

More efficiency with
Talk'nPick's multi-customer picking feature

Multi-customer picking feature handles several picking tasks simultaneously

Talk’nPick solution removed the gluing of stickers associated with sticker collection, and freed pickers’ hands to excecute the picking tasks with two hands.  

Additional efficiency was achieved through Talk’nPick multi-customer picking feature, where the deliveries of several end-customers are picked in the same collection round.

LTP Logistics Oy solved picking operations with Talk'nPick

Work is done using headphones and a Zebra PDA worn on the arm in an armband. The solution was comprehensively integrated into the customer’s WMS system via Talk’nPick’s standardized interface.

There was no need for a separate barcode reader as the PDA’s own barcode reader could handle the readings efficiently.

Talk’nPick has also significantly improved picking accuracy, so the efficiency and accuracy goals set for the project were achieved.

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Devoca Talk’nPick is an industry-independent work execution system for users across diverse and demanding warehouse environments.

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Our other customers

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Tampereen Autovaraosa Oy, Tavo

TAVO Oy is a company importing, wholesaling, and retailing spare parts for heavy equipment. Warehouse management required efficiency and that is why TAVO chose Talk'nPick.

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Your partner for warehouse digitization

Devoca is familiar with various methods from paper-based picking to modernization and multi-customer picking. We have solved these challenges in many warehouses. At its best, speed of warehouse operations has increased by 40% and accuracy has improved by 70%, and we have been able to improve these things with Devoca solutions. With our solution, we optimize collection, reception, and shelving, as well as other functions, in many different ways.