Collico Oy

The challenge is the diversity of groceries
and the efficiency requirements


Collico Oy is a company specializing in grocery logistics which offers warehousing and picking services for the various needs of industry and e-commerce.

In 2018, a big decision was made to renew the logistics platform. At the same time, the solution provider for reception, inventory, and picking also changed. Now these tasks are handled with Devoca’s Talk’nPick solution.

Versatile solution

“With Talk’nPick, we handle work from reception and shelving to picking and printing package labels.”

“The solution is cost-effective, in line with our goal. We are pleased with the results already achieved, even though the development is still in its infancy.”

According to Jarmo Aho, Collico’s Production Director, the new solution handles a large part of internal logistics work.

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The challenge is the diversity of tasks

Collico was looking for a picking solution suitable for the investment capacity of a fast-growing company in its new total logistics solution. The appreciable growth required agile solutions and had to be firmly integrated into Collico’s warehouse management system.

The special features of the online food store brought their own challenges to the solution, e.g. printed matter, dated products, and frozen food. The same tool also had to be able to do many things, from receiving products to printing package labels. The company, which focuses on providing quality services to consumers, had to think carefully about development.


Collico ended up with a Devoca’s Talk’nPick solution that combined speech recognition, barcode readers, and a touch screen in the same package.

A smartphone, speech recognition,
and finger scanner
are a handy combination


The picking terminal is a smartphone attached to the user’s forearm with a convenient armband which frees the Pickers’ hands, bringing usability and comfort. The application is controlled by speech and the barcodes of the products are read with a finger scanner.

The solution ended up using premises own wireless network, but it is also possible to utilize a mobile network.

Run-in at Christmas rush hour

In the grocery store warehouse, the power requirements for picking are tough and the volumes are large. Therefore, the importance of using the right picking solution is emphasized. Christmas sales in 2018 were a great test effort. Now the carefully driven entity is ready to receive ever-increasing volumes.

Benefits were seen quickly

“The benefits of the system are only beginning, but we are already satisfied with the investment and cooperation. We are particularly pleased with the usability of the solution. The solution is easy to adopt, and users can move directly to on-the-job learning after a few guided rounds of picking. An important point, for example, is about the use of temporary labour.” 

User-friendliness is demonstrated by giving to picker’s the decision, which multimodal feature to use in picking task. Speech, touch screen and barcode work great together or separately.

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Your partner for warehouse digitization

Efficiency requirements, diversity of tasks, and user-friendliness usage are familiar to Devoca, and we have solved these challenges in many warehouses. At its best, inventory speed has increased by 40% and accuracy has improved by 70%. We have been able to improve all of the above with Devoca’s solutions. For instance, we optimize picking, reception, and shelving in many ways.